Large Tarot Cloth and Pouch Combo


The double sided cloth is perfect for a small sized table or altar. It is REVERSIBLE: one side has a shimmery star pattern and the other side is solid blue. The cloth is ideal for divination practice, altars, meditation, ritual, and home decoration.

Approximately 22” x 21 1/2”



The pouch has finished seams, and the opening has a double drawstring that closes nicely and tightly by simply pulling on both ties at once, keeping your items safely inside. Machine washable.

Approximately 7 3/4" wide x 10 1/2" tall.


Get TWO different styles from this REVERSIBLE pouch. One side has a shimmery star pattern. The other side is a solid blue with a ribbon with a star pattern.


This can accommodate a standard 78-card Tarot deck and the Tarot cloth, with plenty of room for a crystal or other trinkets.


Very cozy bag for your favorite crystals, trinkets, Tarot decks, Runes, etc.

Perfect for:


  • Tarot cards - attractive and useful, tarot bags are an ideal way to safely store and protect your valuable decks.
  • Runes
  • Crystals and special stones, or other trinkets
  • Mala beads
  • Jewelry during travel
  • Pendulum
  • Smaller sacred or ritual items
  • Bits of herbs or other talismans - anything that is especially meaningful to you that you want to keep close at hand.
  • Gaming dice, marbles or playing cards
  • Can also be used as a quick ID/room key/phone pouch when traveling.
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