Dorothy Laskey


I am a Usui Reiki Master and a continuing student of crystal healing and energy work. My passion is in being part of the positive change that is needed in our world. I love creating things that are practical and useful. It brings me joy to see the end result of a process that involved devotion and dedication.


For me, crystals and the art of jewelry-making is the perfect combination as I get to work with the stones and also create beautiful pieces for practical and everyday use. The Earth contains a variety of beautiful stones and I love the endless possibilities that come from combining these stones together in a piece. After a couple of years of creating pieces for myself, I started making jewelry for others as well. I take pleasure in incorporating the natural properties of the stones into wearable art and imbuing art with meaning.


Beads and beadwork have had deep spiritual significance in many cultures throughout our history. I design pieces that fuse my personal style with the simplicity of the natural world and styles and designs from different cultures.

Crystals and gemstones truly are precious gifts of love from mother Earth and I hope that you enjoy browsing through the information about them and the jewelry pieces that incorporate their beauty and love.


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