Crystals naturally absorb and accumulate energies. Crystals absorb vibrations from its surroundings and the vibration of each person that has handled them. All these unwanted vibrations must be removed to enable the crystal to become a clear channel and to allow it to attune itself to your vibrations.

Crystals can also be programmed for a specific purpose and clearing them is a good idea to remove previous programming either from you or someone else.

Cleansing vs. Clearing

The terms 'cleansing' and 'clearing' are often used interchangeably and basically mean the same thing. The idea is to remove, release, and restore the crystal's energy. When you cleanse and clear crystals, you are also charging/recharging them. This means that you are removing all the unwanted energies, which brings the crystal back to its original and energetic state.

When crystals should be cleansed

  • when you first get them
  • have worked with them or worn them for a while
  • if someone else has handled or touched them, especially if that person had a lot of negativity around him/her
  • if it has been in a negative environment
  • each time you use them on people if you do any type of healing work
  • if you feel that they need to be cleansed (trust your intuition)
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