For centuries, ancient texts have regarded stones and crystals as "gifts from the Earth". Today, as then, they continue to be revered for their significance and value.

Crystals and Gemstone Are More Than Just Rocks 

It is important to care for your crystals with love and consideration as you would any other living creature. Crystals have an energy field and taking care of them ensures that their energy remains pure and unobstructed. Their energy field allows them to be able to hold an electrical charge and because of this quality, they amplify healing work or meditation. The energy from a clear quartz, for example resonates with the human aura; this is its healing attribute. 


Crystals Can Transmit and Absorb Energy

Crystals can transmit as well as absorb energy. They are highly sensitive to the emotions of people around them and can absorb energies very easily. This is why it is important to thoroughly clean the stones when you first acquire them, before you start using them. 


Setting the Intention for Your Crystals

Crystals may be programmed with a specific purpose that the stone is intended to serve.

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