The Gassho Kokyu-Ho, which translates to 'breathing through the hands' or 'hand breathing', is a practice that can assist in further increasing sensitivity to energy. This practice is also sometimes known as Seishin Toitsu. 

gassho kokyu ho
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 pressing one's hands together in prayer


 breath or respiration


 technique, method or way



1.      Sit or stand in a comfortable position. Place your hands in Gassho position, calm the mind and say silently: "I will begin Gassho Kokyu-ho now". Close your eyes and breathe calmly.

2.      Now reach your hands, high above your head and connect to the fullness of the Reiki energy. (You can imagine your body filling with energy). One imagines that one is touching a vast field of energy and light. Once you have made this connection, slowly move your hands back to Gassho position.

3.      Feel your breath flowing naturally and slowly drop your awareness to your Hara and relax. The Hara is also known as Dan Tian (or Dan Tien). This is the area of the Sacral Chakra, about 2-3 inches below the navel.

4.      With your hands in Gassho, now imagine that in the space in front of you forms a sphere of energy and light that is roughly the size of a beach ball. Imagine this sphere in the color blue and that the tips of your fingers are just inside this bubble of healing energy.


5.      Begin to imagine that you are breathing through your hands. Whilst breathing in, imagine Reiki energy is entering your hands from the sphere in front of you. This blue light is streaming down through your fingertips and hands and streams up both arms. This energy meets in your upper chest and flows down your central channel to your Hara. See this light expanding until the Hara is filled with energy.

6.      On the out breath, imagine this light is moving from the Hara back along the same pathway to the hands and filling them with energy. This energy is then releasing in a burst of energy in all directions. With practice, you may feel a strong presence in your palms, tingling or pulsing. This breathing technique can gradually be drawn out to extended breathing cycles.

7.      Repeat for 5 to 10 minutes or for as long as you like.

8.      Once you feel this is complete, imagine that the blue field of energy and light condenses in space and merges completely with your hands and fills them with healing energy. Sit for a moment and close the practice by saying, "I am now finished with Gassho Kokyu-Ho" and express gratitude for the experience.

9.       If you feel the need, shake your hands by the side of your body, up and down and back and forth. (This releases any unused energy or congestion as a result of this practice).


This and other Reiki meditations can be found in the Reiki Meditations for Beginners book by Lawrence Ellyard.

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