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Receiving a Reiki treatment through a distance healing session is not that much different from being in the same room as the Reiki practitioner. As with any energy modality, Reiki energy can be sent over a distance without diminishing its effectiveness.

What one experiences during a Reiki treatment varies from person to person. Here are some things to keep in mind to help you prepare for a Reiki session and know what to do during and after the treatment.


Before a Reiki session

  • Avoid drinking alcohol or eating a heavy meal.
  • Sit or lie down in a quiet room where you will not be disturbed.
  • Make sure that the temperature in the room is comfortable.
  • Play relaxing music, dim the lights, light a candle or incense.
  • If you become uncomfortable, remember that you can adjust your position at any time.


During a Reiki session

Each person experiences the Reiki energy differently with some not feeling anything at all. The energy can be very subtle but it is important to keep in mind that the energy is working exactly as it needs to. Some of the things one may experience during a Reiki session include:

  • Subtle pulsations or cascading waves of pulsations throughout the body
  • Feelings of deep relaxation and being in a deep meditative state
  • Glowing radiance that flows throughout the body
  • A feeling of calmness and acceptance of what is
  • A Letting go of tension, anxiety, fear or other negative feelings


What you can do during the session

  • Let go of any outside concerns or thoughts
  • Observe your breath and sensations that you feel from the energy
  • Imagine that you are a sponge, soaking up the energy as you receive it


After a Reiki session

At the end of the session, there is a feeling of deep relaxation and one feels refreshed with a more balanced outlook. Some of the things one may experience include:

  • Feeling refreshed
  • A sense of calmness
  • Having mental clarity
  • Heightened perception
  • Feeling more tired than usual and possibly sleep more


It is important to recognize, however that some may experience what is called a healing crisis. As a person’s vibration goes up, toxins that have been stored in the body will be released into the blood stream to be filtered by the liver and kidneys and removed from the system. When this happens, sometimes a person can get a headache or stomach ache or feel weak. During this time, remember to drink more water, eat lighter meals and get more rest. The body is cleansing as part of the healing process so this is a good sign.

To learn more about a healing crisis, click on this link to the blog article on Reiki and the Healing process on the Reiki in Royersford Blog


What you can do after the session

  • Be gentle with yourself.
  • Allow some quiet time to rest after the treatment.
  • Eat if you feel hungry.
  • Do some grounding exercises if you feel lightheaded or out of sorts.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Remember that the energy continues to affect the body even days after the session. 


A printable version of this article may be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

Receiving a Reiki Distance Healing Session

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